The health and wellness benefits of yoga are well documented and something we feel extremely passionate about at Strength in Motion. We view yoga as a safe place to explore, practice, to be playful and become more acquainted with our most authentic selves. It can also be a place that we witness both our challenges and the way which we get grounded in order to take these observations into our lives off the mat. At SIM we see movement as a crucial component in getting and staying well.


All of the yoga offerings you will experience at our center are heart-centered, intentionally based on your needs and are all trauma-informed safe classes. Because we see yoga and movement as an exploration versus something that you need to be “good at” or have experience in, we require no experience to step foot into our studio.


YOGA CLASSES: At SIM we have created a variety of opportunities to experience yoga in a non-intimidating way. We have several different classes that will allow you to connect with your body, regulate your nervous system and move any unstuck energies. Our classes are all designed as a series that you can sign up for once or can continue to participate in for as long as you would like. We offer a variety of classes for kids, tweens, teens, and adults to participate in.


PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS: If you are interested in exploring yoga but would prefer to do so independently, we offer private yoga instruction to meet your individual needs. You are welcome to check one session out and if you are interested in continuing to practice this way, we do offer packages to make sessions more affordable.


FAMILY YOGA: If your family is caught up in the busy demands of everyday life, you're clearly not alone! We invite you to consider taking a break to move, connect and get grounded as a family through a private yoga session tailored to meet your needs. We think it’s a beautiful way build a pause into your week to come together. We do offer single sessions or multi-session packages for this as well.  


Please see our upcoming groups & classes for current class offerings. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!