In-Person Reiki Sessions


Reiki sessions are available on Saturdays at Strength in Motion.


Reiki enables the physical, mental and emotional body to get back into natural balance for optimal healing. When our body is in balance, it is primed to self-heal and function at its best. This balance is achieved by bringing about a deep state of relaxation of the body and the mind.


Reiki does not treat any specific symptom or disease. It is an integrative healing modality that works well with conventional medical practices and therapeutic treatments to achieve optimal results.


During a session, hands are laid above or directly on the receiver’s body in non-intrusive areas with a gentle, static light pressure. The use of crystals, sound healing and essential oils may be incorporated in the session.


Appointments are offered in 60, 75 or 90 minute sessions. While with one treatment, noticeable results can be experienced, as with any health or healing practice, ongoing sessions will bring maximum benefit. Monthly and bi-weekly Reiki Memberships are available.


Visit to learn more about Reiki offerings and Michel Barta, Reiki Master Teacher.

You can also contact her directly for information and to schedule your appointment: 720-722-3545  or

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