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Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching works with both the wisdom and insight inherent in us, as well as the stuck, painful places that don’t seem to change no matter how much “work” we do. Coaching acknowledges that although we may know a lot about ourselves, our needs, triggers, and pain points, we may not be aware of why we suffer and feel stuck.

Holistic Coaching utilizes embodiment tools, Hakomi Psychotherapy, and neuroscience-based mindfulness techniques that will support people in bringing limiting beliefs to consciousness and enable them to navigate life with equanimity.

Working together, coaches and clients create a world of compassion, empowerment, and resources that facilitate living a life of love, acceptance, and joy. Holistic Coaching helps clients manifest who they already truly are.

Holistic Coaches serve many roles such as companions, health and wellness support and advocates. They can work as a team with your other practitioners to help you actualize and move forward in your life NOW.

This service both exists on its own or as a team approach with your other practitioners.

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