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Group therapy is a key part of our practice at Strength in Motion. For many, the journey of healing and wellness is enhanced by participating in group therapy and it reinforces a simple yet powerful idea: we are not alone. When experiencing challenges related to anxiety or depression, it can be so easy to feel overwhelmed or isolated. But the truth is that many other people face some form of challenge in their lives, and together, we can share the tools and methods to process pain in a healthy way and move through it.

Humans are wired to be social beings and are supported in connecting with others in an effort to adapt to change. Attending group therapy or activities can mean finding people to share stories of hope and healing with. You are not alone on your journey, and we invite you to join us. You belong here.

We offer a variety of group experiences ranging from group therapy to educational classes and workshops for tweens, teens and adults. Come and find your community at Strength in Motion.

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