Family Therapy

Getting Started

We know that simply the idea of connecting with a therapist to support you and your family can be overwhelming. We are also aware that it takes a lot of courage to prioritize what is most important you you- your family. We’d like to acknowledge all that it has taken for you to arrive here and welcome you to explore further. Know that at Strength in Motion, you will find a vibrant community committed to supporting you in finding which therapy options might suit you and your family best.

We believe in the power of therapy to remove the barriers that keep us from understanding and trusting our family members. Many of us spend a significant amount of energy just surviving in the hustle and bustle of being a family much less showing up as the best that we can be with one another. You may be feeling worried about being disconnected with your kids and/or partner, that you aren’t getting any respect, or are feeling overwhelmed by a recent shift in family unit. If you can relate to this, don’t worry - you are not alone!

At Strength in Motion, we can help you communicate as a family, create healthy boundaries, and build trust and understanding between everyone. We work with you to become aware of the patterns of relating that have brought you to this place. At a pace you feel comfortable with, we will identify skills to address what isn’t working and find ways for you to understand and care for one another in order to reclaim the relationships you want for your whole family.

No matter the challenges you face, and no matter how overwhelmed your family may feel, we have good news. We believe that YOU already have all you need to make the changes you want to make in your relationships. YOU have already carried yourselves this far, and we will work with YOU - the expert on your family - to find out what you already know, uncover what you have not yet learned, and help you adapt behaviors that may need some support and guidance.

Strength in Motion offers family therapy for families of all shapes and sizes. We welcome LGBTQIPA families as well as married, co-parenting, single-parent and blended families. Meet our clinical team to gain more information on specific practitioners and their specialties.