Hannah Kinderlehrer

Collaborative Coach

Hannah believes it is our birthright to fall in love with our selves and our life, from the inside out. She is passionate about supporting people’s journey of embodiment and her work focuses on creating a resourced, supportive relationship with the world, beginning with our body. 


Her coaching work is based on her own experience living with chronic illness, injury and disordered eating. She has created an incredibly full life, and often refers to herself as the luckiest Lyme/Mold patient alive. Through meditation, movement, nature, community and Hakomi Therapy, she has transformed struggle into a meaningful journey, and she uses these same resources to support your journey through suffering and challenges.


Hannah holds degree from Naropa University, is a certified Hakomi practicioner and is also certified through the Peacemaker Institute. She has been a student and teacher of Shambhala Buddhism for 15 years. She is a choreographer, a teacher trainer, and facilitates therapeutic groups and workshops. She teaches embodied meditation, and Rites of Passage at the Boulder Shambhala Center and Shambhala Mountain Center. 

Laura Tyler

Kauit Instructor

Laura Tyler loves sharing Kaiut Yoga with people who want to feel more at ease in their bodies. If you've experienced pain or have felt limited due to stress, trauma or as a byproduct of day-to-day living, join Laura in a Kaiut Yoga class, a method of yoga that she has found deeply relieving.  Prior to meeting Francisco Kaiut in 2015 she was in pain and lacked mobility due to a series of injuries to her hip and leg. The relief she felt in her hips after just one sequence of Kaiut Yoga felt like . . . Eureka! She knew she'd found something special. Kaiut Yoga heals by guiding its practitioners toward sensation with kindness and intelligence.

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