Community Partners

Strength In Motion greatly appreciates our community partners. Below are like-minded business and organizations that are doing fantastic work in our community! We encourage you to learn more about them.

Realities for Children Boulder County

Realities for Children Boulder County (RFCBC) serves abused and at-risk youth by providing college scholarships, transitional housing, emergency funding, special youth activities and more. 

Jen Marshall is a certified nutrition therapis

Jen Marshall is a certified nutrition therapist and practices functional nutrition. She specializes in digestion, allergies, autoimmune disorders, hormone balance, mood, and skin conditions. Visit for more information.

Boulder Natural Health

Boulder Natural Health is a naturopathic clinic specializing in natural, holistic and alternative medicine. We work with women, men, and children over two years of age. 


iTHRIVE is an early intervention program for teens that are beginning their relationship with drugs, including alcohol.  During the 6-week program, teens meet with a therapist for 2 hours in a group setting, while their parents meet with another therapist in a group setting.  In the teen setting, we are helping the teens explore their readiness to change their relationship with substances.  In the parent setting, parents find support, communication strategies, and ways to set and hold boundaries.  If you are curious to see if iTHRIVE is a fit for you and your family, call us.  Let's figure this out together.  

NorthStar Transitions

NorthStar Transitions provides care for men and women struggling with drug and/or alcohol abuse in a holistic and personally individualized environment.  NorthStar is a Joint Commission-accredited facility and State Licensed facility utilizing evidence-based therapies in a full continuum of care to aid clients and their families on their journey through recovery. Services include withdrawal management (detox), residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care.


Pursuits is a relational model increasing the quality of relationship both personally and professionally. We provide coaching for career, professional, team development, and leadership coaching. Through our services with organizations, cohort, and coaching, we support you and your business to achieve and thrive.

We work with individuals, non-profits, family businesses, tech and accelerators, and heart forward businesses and organizations.

WishGarden Herbs

WishGarden Herbs is an independent, family-run business that has been providing natural herbal remedies to communities since 1979. Remedies crafted for pregnancy, childhood and adulthood.

Ross Meyer Personal Re-Training

Ross Meyer Personal Re-Training has been helping people get in shape and get out of pain since 2000. Simultaneously eliminating aches and pains at their root causes and upgrading physical fitness is the difference between Personal Re-Training and conventional exercise. Private and small group personal training, money-back guarantee.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix offers a free sober active community to individuals who have suffered from a substance use disorder and to those who choose a sober life. Using a peer support model, we help members heal and rebuild their lives while also striving to eliminate stigma around recovery.  Together we… RISE & RECOVER & LIVE.

Blue Sky Bridge is a Child Advocacy Center serving Boulder County

Blue Sky Bridge is a Child Advocacy Center serving Boulder County that provides forensic interviews, therapy, medical exams, and family support services to children and families who have suffered the trauma of child sexual abuse, violence and neglect. Blue Sky Bridge also leads the community in providing education to 3rd grade students, parents, and teachers in Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley schools with the purpose to prevent or disrupt the cycle of child sexual abuse.

Sandstone Care

Sandstone Care is a Denver, Colorado-based treatment program for young adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Sandstone Care offers a full continuum of outpatient care including Extended Care, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, and General Outpatient Programs for young adults (ages 18-30) and adolescents (ages 13-18).


Sandstone Care is a Denver, Colorado-based treatment program for young adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Sandstone Care offers a full continuum of outpatient care including Extended Care, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, and General Outpatient Programs for young adults (ages 18-30) and adolescents (ages 13-18).

Whole Connection is a team of like minded Social Workers and Counselors in Boulder who are passionate about offering a safe and comfortable environment in which to explore growth and change.  They believe that the healing relationship is the most important part of therapy.  They work with individuals, couples, families or in a group setting to help clients build the skills they need to work through and remain resilient through difficult times. Whole Connections highly trained therapists offer socially conscious therapy with a focus on relationship, identity, and community. They accept private pay and Medicaid.


Choice House provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment for men, with the focus on building a foundation to support long- term sobriety. A premier provider of 90-day treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and long-term structured sober living, our services are designed to support those on their

road to lasting recovery. Rooted in spiritual principles, our programs help struggling men find meaning and purpose in life through love, honesty, integrity, and hard work.


Colorado Body Wisdom is a healing arts and massage studio located in Boulder, Colorado committed to providing the highest quality treatments delivered with compassion by only the most skilled therapists in their field. They seek to improve the condition of humans on the planet by supporting the healing process and helping people wake up to their true potential of living a satisfied, authentic life. CBW therapists are experts at utilizing the right combination of techniques and skills to address your needs, whether in our studio or at your place of business or special event.


SolaGarden Naturals is a dietary supplement company, family owned in Boulder Colorado. Founded on the belief that everyone can live an extraordinary life, every ingredient in every product is all natural and Non-GMO. In addition, Certified Organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Choosing the right supplements can be confusing. We keep it simple so you can spend more time with those that matter most.

Tiny star.jpg

Tiny Star Project believes we all carry a shining star inside. Their mission is to empower women and girls to nourish, awaken and reconnect to that inner light and wisdom. Tiny Star Project holds women’s circles, girls groups, women’s retreats and individual support sessions.

Expand Mentoring-02 copy.jpg

Expand Mentoring offers therapeutic mentoring services teaching life skills and coping skills to clients in need of additional support in their life. Sessions are held in the community with clients (apartments, hiking trails, grocery stores, etc) instead of an office so that clients can practice these skills in the moment. Clients work with their mentor to help them move past the roadblocks that are keeping them stuck. Our mentors provide accountability and assist in follow through to help clients move in the direction of a balanced life. 

Stride Logo 2_3.jpg

Stride Learning is an education startup in Broomfield that helps middle school, high school, and college students improve their executive function skills. Our goal is to boost students’ confidence, teach them to advocate for themselves, and help them succeed—academically and beyond. We work with students who have ADHD, dyslexia, and anxiety, as well as students with no diagnosed challenges.

Global Works

For 28 years, Global Works programs have empowered middle and high school students to be global citizens and to make a positive impact through their travels. Much more than a vacation, Global Works believes in authentic travel and service learning. Our international programs foster opportunities for fun and engaging leadership development and personal growth. Groups collaborate on meaningful and sustainable service projects with our partner communities around the world. Choose from programs that focus on Spanish, French, pre-med & public health, sustainable business, education & the environment, marine biology, and adventure! Our destinations include Costa Rica, Fiji Islands, France, Galapagos, Guatemala, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Spain! 

Mindfulness Ambassadors International

Mindfulness Ambassadors International is a community organization that brings accessible mindfulness programs and service opportunities to teens and communities in need. Participants of the Mind on Fire and adult MBSR programs practice mindful awareness, movement, and meaningful acts of service, and will be offered opportunities to impact the local community and to become empowered global citizens. MAI also advocates for social emotional wellness education in schools and offers presentations to classrooms, teachers, and administrators. Donations contribute to scholarship funds and are used to support local outreach and international service projects. 

PEN logo_clr.jpg

Parent Engagement Network supports parents in raising healthy, happy youth - especially in the areas of drugs/alcohol, stress/anxiety, technology, family-school partnerships, and building resilient families.

Lacuna logo.jpg

Lacuna Botanicals is based in Lyons and makes premium quality, farm-to-table, handcrafted CBD-infused products including:  pain relief massage creams and oils; facial/skincare; CBD Oil Tinctures/Elixirs with custom blended terpene profiles.  Although being local, Lacuna is featured in Top Spas and Wellness Centers across the country.  


Horses Balancing Hearts utilizes the healing power of the horse-human relationship to assist in the therapeutic process.   Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at RMER addresses a variety of mental health needs and challenges.  We see individuals of all ages both in group and individual therapy.  


Boulder Community Health's Opioid & Chronic Pain Response Program (OCPRP) provides free assistance to Boulder County residents with health care matters relating to chronic pain and opioid use disorder. The program provides short-term case management services and referrals to community agencies for those seeking treatment in an outpatient setting or through higher levels of care. The program also explores recovery and treatment paths, and provides referrals to non-opioid options for those trying to manage chronic pain.

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Root Health is a holistic health practice where Chris assists people in living a more vibrant and fulfilling life. His unique background of being a lifelong athlete combined with deep study and practice of meditation, spirituality and energy work creates a powerful combination to find creative solutions for his clients. Sessions may include bodywork, craniosacral work, coaching, meditation, or movement.


Skills 4 Life Pediatric Occupational Therapy offers a broad range of pediatric occupational therapy services to help your child master age-appropriate developmental skills, become more independent, increase academic success & develop confidence. The experts at Skills 4 Life specialize in handwriting, keyboarding & executive function coaching, but also work with children on social & emotional learning, motor skills, self-regulation strategies & activities of daily living. Skills 4 Life offers your child a safe, compassionate environment to learn the critical skills they need to be successful. Logo.png

Looking for senior care can be stressful and confusing, and you may be unsure where to start. Whether you’re looking for a senior living community or help with in-home care, can help you understand your options, learn about financing and guide you through the process. Here are free resources that provide information on topics like financial support and care options that are available in Boulder.

Wonderlogo crop.png

Wonder provides customizable community and home based therapeutic support services for pre-teens, adolescents, young adults and their families.  We are the real world, real time experiential support team that can integrate seamlessly with a trusted therapist for supplemental support or work with families fully in our full immersion program.   Our mission is to empower families to connect, grow, and thrive in the communities where they live.   

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Reiki is a non-invasive, easeful way to experience relief of emotional, mental and physical stress symptoms. Reiki is based on the idea that all living things are made up of a Universal Lifeforce Energy, which we are all connected to.  Because this energy is not tangible, it has no time, no space and it can be shared remotely. Peace Bridge Reiki offers in-person and virtual reiki as well as trainings.