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Two Tips for Transforming Fear

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Fear can be a powerful, all-consuming feeling. It’s tied to our hopes, dreams, and desires, and so the doubts and anxieties that fear stirs up can be very vulnerable. Chronic fear can put us in scary places, both physically and emotionally. It can weaken the immune system, keep us in chronic states of anxiety, can cause many stress related illnesses, and can impair memory. Despite desires to move beyond fear, it’s an incredibly difficult emotion to manage.

Fear is largely the result of a lack of trust and faith. When we surrender to trust and faith, be it in a higher being, in the energy of the universe, or in our own power and resilience, fear melts away. No matter what storm hits, we know we can weather it. However, this process is easier said than done. Here are a few tips to moving through the negative energy of fear to bring you into a place of trust and faith and love.

1.Laughter is a powerful medicine.

Laughter is a powerful way to loosen the chokehold that fear has on us. We can find references to the power laughter has over fear from movies like Harry Potter to speakers like Gabrielle Burnstein, all of whom champion how laughing at fear is one of the best ways to liberate yourself from it. Perhaps at first, it may seem impossible to laugh, so begin with one small step and find one thing about your fear that you may be able to check the facts around and know it’s likely unreasonable. Try to take a deep breath, crack a small smile, then see if you can work your way towards laughing. If you can’t (and we know this can be really challenging) find something else that will make you laugh. Give your nervous system a break and allow yourself to come back to a place of ease and joy, even if it’s for a short time.

2. Flip fear on its head.

Reframe the question “What are your biggest fear about this?” into “What are your greatest wishes?” Understanding fear as a reflection of our deep desires and goals help to reframe the situation in a more positive manner. For example, the fear of dying alone becomes the wish to find a life partner. The fear of being stuck in the same town become the wish to see the world. The fear of never being happy in our body becomes the wish to accept ourselves. These simple (but sometimes not easy) acts change fear from something that paralyzes us into a goal that gives us direction and hope.

You already have all you need to move through fear and come out the other side stronger and wiser. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this process, get in touch to find support in the Strength in Motion community. We believe in a mind, body, and soul approach towards finding and sustaining balance and are honored to be on your path in some way. We are here to support you in living to your greatest potential. Click here to learn more about what we do and how we can support you.

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