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Traumatic Brain Injury: A New Effective Approach

As many of you know I’m one of the first in the country to have been trained in Neuro-Acupuncture (NA).

For those of you that don’t know what NA is, it’s a new approach that has been proven to effectively treat acute and chronic neurologic disorders. It’s a combination of acupuncture and western neurology.

The results I’ve been getting are amazing, especially with traumatic brain injury (TBI)!

For example, a current patient of mine has had 3 TBI’s in her 65 year long life. The first one happened when she was a child. She had great response after her first NA treatment and after her 5th, she brought in a list of improvements, some of which are:

* she began reading books again
* she feels like she’s 16 again (she’s 60)
* she no longer feels depressed
* she can move better in her body and she’s more stable
* she is sleeping better
* she has more energy
* she can focus better

If you know of anyone suffering from a recent brain injury, have them call me at 303.324.4686 or visit my website


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