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Restorative Yoga this Friday (12/1): Get to know your yoga instructor, Didem Ergin

Dear Strength in Motion Family,

I am reaching out to with lots of gratitude and love. I am so excited to be a part of the Strength in Motion family. I wanted share with you my personal story of how I get to become a yoga teacher. I have an intimate relationship with chronic pain and anxiety. I come from a remote region of Anatolia, Republic of Turkey. When I was very young, I had an incident at the school which ended up with a dislocated shoulder. That was my first appointment with severe pain. Growing up in a small town, my family did everything to get me back to my health. With all honesty, my shoulder never felt great until I

met with yoga. I grew up in a culture that molded my teenage blood with anxiety. The anxiety of continuous exams and competition to achieve better scores were engrained to kids from a young age. I am not going to even talk about family drama involved on top of the school stress. Anxiety and chronic pain became my close friends in this era. Fast forward finishing off an engineering school, my physical and emotional pain continued. In my early career, I had an office job required 9 hours of continuous sitting which only worsened my whirl of chronic pain and anxiety attacks. Then, yoga came to my life in 2010. I started to practice physical poses of yoga as well as breathing techniques consistently. Slowly but surely yoga showed me a new way of living, pain and anxiety free.

Simply put, YOGA HEALED MY CHRONIC PAIN AND ANXIETY ATTACKS. Yoga became a major player in my life slowly but surely. When I discovered restorative yoga, I couldn’t believe how helpful it was. I still remember those shavasanas where I cried in gratitude to yoga. Feeling deep gratitude as it was giving me a survival mechanism. An exit from my good old friend, anxiety and depression.

After seeing the healing power of yoga, I decided to become a certified yoga teacher. I am passionate to share therapeutic effects of yoga with everyone in need of relief and seeking support from an expert. My hope is bringing this therapy style into your life at SIM. Together, we can help you to transform your life. Restorative yoga is unique on its own way because it makes us get very intimate with ourselves. We get the support of an expert teacher and support of props around us like bolsters, chairs, blocks. We learn to ask for a support when we need it. Restorative yoga would help you the peel sheaths of your being, from physical to emotional levels. Please join me in this supportive restorative yoga classes. I will be waiting you on the Mat on Fridays at noon.

Reserve your spot for Restorative Yoga on Friday (12/1) at noon at Strength in Motion Counseling by emailing or just show up.

Learn more about Restorative Yoga here.

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