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Navigating These Times With Creativity

Feeling overwhelmed or numb? Yeah, we feel you. We are in unknown waters. None of us have been here before! Thank goodness we have tools and resources to help us navigate this uncharted territory.

One of the ways we can walk this unknown path is by igniting the right hemisphere of our brain.

All of our brains are divided into 2 hemispheres. According to Dr. Richard Sperry, the left hemisphere is associated with linear thinking, thinking in words, logic, facts, language, sequencing, analytics, strategy, etc…The right hemisphere is associated with intuition, creativity, emotions, nonverbal communication, daydreaming, rhythm, decision making, and holistic thinking. We each have access to both hemispheres and they work together through a neurologica bridge that transmits information between the two halves. However, you can probably recognize yourself as dominant in one of these halves, from the lists above.

Being left or right brained dominant is not a contest, one is not better than the other. Current neuroscience work is often focused on finding balance and integration of the two! However we are in unusual times, and we posit that leaning into a right brained focus may enhance how we navigate this life in the midst of the Coronavirus.

These challenging times have given many of us a chance to push the reset button on our lives. Those of us who are not on the frontlines and working extra hours, non-stop to ensure the safety of others, are left with more time than ever before, and the things that normally distract us, have fallen away. We can use this opportunity to get grounded, creative, spacious, resourced, and more connected to the earth and ourselves.

Here are a few ways we can unplug from the constant stream of data coming at us and igniting fear, and connect with who we truly are, and the gifts of our right brain

  1. Go outside! Use your senses to connect with nature in the present moment. What do you see, smell, touch, taste, hear? This is a great one to do with children if you’re trying to find ways to entertain them.

  2. Get creative! What’s a project you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the time? Do you have art materials lying around that you haven’t played with in years? Anything from magazines and glue sticks, to watercolors, clay, or colored pencils. And if you’re not a hands on crafty human, most of the world’s famous museums are offering virtual tours, enjoy some art without the crowds and long lines.

  3. Get embodied! Body scans are a wonderful way to drop out of the tornado of thoughts, and into the sensations of your body. Either do this on your own by examining the sensations from your toes up to the top of your head, or listen to one HERE.

  4. Get rhythmic! Rhythm is soothing, from the heartbeat we heard in the womb, to the sound of our own breath, rhythm is always present in our lives. Create beats with your hands and feet (another fun one to entertain the littles) or listen to drum beats from around the world. Let your body move to them, follow along with your fingers, elbows, ankles, toes, etc. If you have access to an instrument, explore! Drop perfection or even any ideas of being a “good” musician, and just let yourself play. To get going, here is an album of slow beats, and here is an album of fast beats.

  5. Get dreaming! After about ten minutes of being bored and doing nothing, our minds go into daydreaming, imagination mode. Our intuition turns on, and we are connected to a part of ourselves that we often don’t have time to be with. Let yourself get quiet, put down the projects, phone, etc..and do nothing. See what happens next!

Here’s a playlist to enjoy through any activity.

Feeling anxiety, stress, numbness or overwhelm are all normal at this time, you are definitely not alone! If you would like additional support, please reach out to us. We are here, and happy to stay connected with you. At the Strength in Motion wellness community, we believe in a mind-body-soul approach towards finding and sustaining balance. We feel honored to be on your path in some way and are here to support you in living to your greatest potential. Click here to find out more information about who we are and how we may be a support to you. We are offering virtual tele-sessions and free consults and are here to support you.

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