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Introduction to the 5 Elements and Your Health

The 5 Elements can be used as a way to understand and treat what is causing health issues in each of us. They help us identify where we are in and out of balance.

These elements are a cycle of the natural rhythms of the Universe. They are patterns of change and transformation. All we have to do is look outside at nature to see these elements and learn about the cycles of life.

The elements are Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, Wood. Each of them is associated with a season and they exist in us.

Right now it’s summer. Fire is the element of summer. During this part of the cycle, the sun reaches its zenith in the sky and the days are long and warm. The seeds we planted in the spring continue to grow and reach their maximum maturity in the summer. This new growth mostly just needs to be maintained until it’s the time of harvest. We can sit back, relax and enjoy!

The energy of this element is growth and maturation, action, outward movement, play, passion, warmth and joy.

Typically in the summer we feel more outward and social. There are many parties, BBQ’s and opportunities to play outdoors. We may feel more open, warm and joyful instead of more inward and quiet when the weather is cold and the days are short.

This fire burns in our heart and gives us passion, compassion, love, and energy.

The Fire Element oversees our heart, heart protector (or pericardium), small intestines, and our heating and cooling system.

When the Fire Element is balanced within us we can feel more playful, passionate, warm, relaxed and joyful. Our heart is more open and we’re able to give and receive love.

When it’s imbalanced we feel like our fire is barely smoldering. There’s no spark, very little or no joy or passion. We feel closed off, as in our heart feels too protected and it’s difficult to give and receive love. We can feel cold in our heart and emotion as well as in our physical body. Or, we can feel manic, like we’re burning out of control and can’t slow down. The imbalance can show up in our physical heart, pericardium, small intestines and our body temperature.

Balance and imbalance are on a spectrum. We can experience them to varying degrees.

It’s also important to note that the 5 Elements are not static. They’re dynamic and in constant change. Learning to recognize these elements within us informs us of where we’re at in our cycle and if we’re out of balance. From there we can make changes or get the needed support to help bring us back to balance.

Beth has spent the last 18 years studying the 5 Elements. As a 5-Element Acupuncturist she helps bring people back to balance so they can heal on all levels and get their lives back. She is also a faculty member at the local 5 Element school and teaches in the community.

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