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Healing Through Movement

“Movement is fundamental to all life. It is crucial to ‘healing.‘

Physically, it vitalizes our cells, nourishes our tissues, and harmonizes our organs.Mentally, it creates a healthy movement and arrangement of our thoughts.Simply put, movement is a basic need for all life forms.”

It’s this simple.

Have you noticed how much better you feel after dancing, walking, swimming, working out, hiking, etc.? Why? Because our bodies are born to move. Literally.

Movement is key in our body’s release of stress, old patterns, pain, stuck emotions, unlearning harmful habits, breaking from stuck patterns, and more. There are many therapeutic modalities that include movement such as Hakomi, dance, somatic, water, wilderness, equine, and the list goes on. Each incredible modality unique in it’s own way. In addition to these modalities, you can also enjoy the benefits of healing easily, accessibly, for free.

As a culture, we are more sedentary than ever. This is especially true for our children. We are also seeing more and more mental illness, harmful behaviors, depression, and other forms of suffering. The two go hand-in-hand. Many cultures across the world dance their pain, go on long pilgrimages or journeys for rebalancing, connection and healing, or work with their bodies in daily life. All of these result in populations that exhibit more balance, health, community, and happiness. This is within reach for us as well, all we have to do is move!

“Our bodies love attention. They are always there, waiting to take our hand and bring us home, to provide us with an anchor as we experience the ups and downs of life, and to find their way to balance and well being. I am always amazed at how profound the wisdom of the body is, how gentle, simple, loving and powerful this flesh of ours is.”

We have all had tastes of this, so now is the time, as we bask in warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere, to move and enjoy the blessings of these body-beings. Here are a few suggestions from the SIM community on how to use movement as healing:

1) Take a walk. Use all your senses, bring your presence as well as your footsteps. When we are in the present moment during our physical activity, we get so much more out of whatever we are doing! Enjoy where you are, instead of trying to get somewhere.

2) Play. Frisbee, tag, kickball, chase. When did we grow out of these? Nothing is better than being out of breath from laughing. Grab your pet, kid/s, friends, or co-workers and play!

3) Yoga is a beautiful way to synchronize breath, movement, and awareness. From the many studios and types to your very own living room, yoga is hugely beneficial to all the body’s systems: lymph, immune, nervous and parasympathetic systems, muscular, etc…you get the idea. Choose a class that feels non-intimidating and that you walk out of feeling more connected to yourself instead of comparative or embarrassed. This is important, it’s what will keep you going back!

4) Dance- you can’t lose. From partner dancing to ecstatic dance to hip-hop or Nia, there is a form of dancing for everybody. Again, your living room or bedroom is the perfect dance studio as well. Check out our playlists and give it a try! Dancing moves our energy in such a delightful, pleasurable way. It is cathartic, expressive, aerobic and creative. Dance heals from the inside out.

At Strength In Motion we have a beautiful, intimate movement studio where we focus exclusively on healing modalities of movement such as Feldenkrais, yoga, and dance. We don’t use mirrors and every class supports your unique abilities and desires. Try out our different classes, they are each free for the first time, and you just might discover a new way of being in your body. Click HERE for our schedule.

These are just a few ways that movement benefits us. The most important thing is not what you do or how you do it, but that you find a movement that feels pleasurable, beneficial, and keeps you coming back for more!

Here’s a playlist to inspire and enhance your movement practices.

At Strength in Motion Counselling, we are here to walk, dance, move with you on your journey through the tough moments and celebrate the wonderful ones. Get in touch to join our supporting and caring community.

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