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Energy Goes Where Your Attention Goes: Healing The Mind And Body With Qigong

“Energy work is priceless. It makes every day extraordinary and transforms the mundane to the holy.” ― Silvia Hartmann

It’s no secret that our thoughts and emotions influence our physical well being. Study after study shows that thought patterns affect neurotransmitters, which send messages around the brain and the body. They regulate pleasure, hunger, sleepiness – in short, they regulate the hormones that define our decisions and our feelings. Our thoughts literally play a part in shaping our physical being. In fact, mentally resilient people are known to get sick less often, handle adversity with more hardiness, and recover from illness and injury faster. In other words, because external stressors have less influence over resilient people’s mentality, they tend to be physically healthier.

It’s clear that building positive thought patterns is important to overall health. But if you’re scratching your head at how to incorporate such habits into your daily routine, consider bringing energy-minded practices into your healing journey. Have you ever considered Qigong?

What is Qigong?

Qigong is gentle, repetitive movement used to stretch the body, get our blood flowing, and strengthen overall awareness of how our body feels. Qi means both “subtle breath” and “vital energy”, and gong means “skill cultivated through steady practice.” But it’s certainly not just exercise for the body; qigong has a clear goal of linking the mind with the body. The practice is used to improve posture and deep breathing, and can incorporate self-massage and even sound. Much like yoga, there is a huge variety in styles and schools taught.

Utilizing a mindful and intentional practice like qigong helps to find a calm, quiet center. Stress, anger, or frustration, which can be healthy in moderation, are managed through qigong so that they do not become what determines our actions, but rather information about our experience that we can consider thoroughly before acting upon. When we tune our energy into finding a peaceful balance between mind, body, and emotions, we can find deep healing for ourselves.

In the Strength in Motion wellness community, we believe in a mind, body, and soul approach towards finding and sustaining balance. We feel honored to be on your path in some way and are here to support you in living to your greatest potential. Click here to find out more information about who we are and how we may be a support to you.

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