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Clinician Spotlight: Jen Lafond MA, LPC,EMDR


Q & A with Jen Lafond:

1) Briefly, tell us about your professional background and what sparked your interest in becoming a clinician.

“Truthfully I became a clinician because as a youth, I had a clinician who made an enormous positive impact on my life. I felt so inspired by how much she helped me, I decided some day I wanted to help people the way she helped me when I was in a rough patch. I realized that reaching out a helping hand when someone is at a low point can be very beneficial. I think that is what draws many of us in the field to become healers. We too can relate to the desire to heal and integrate difficult experience. Often we need support to do this.”

How would you describe your philosophy or theory of practice?

“I would say it is trauma informed and highly influenced by Jung, Eastern philosophy, Wellness, Mindfulness and yoga. Most of us have trauma in our history and it is affecting us in the present moment. Our nervous systems have been hijacked. We need to understand our symptoms so we can integrate unresolved issues from our past. Then we can let go and move forward. ”

What would you like prospective clients to know about you prior to working with you?

“It’s important for them to know I am someone who thinks outside of the box. Maybe that is scary for some of you, all the more reason to work with a clinician like me. I am not afraid to face with you whatever is needed so you can ultimately move on.

I would also want them know that I understand how much courage it takes to come in. It is a huge step to be willing to acknowledge you need support. I am here to listen, understand and help you work out whatever is challenging you in this moment.”

What are you grateful for?

“What am I not grateful for? This is an incredible life I get to live embracing the full gambit of human experience. ”

What are some of your favorite books?

“To Kill a Mockingbird and Their eyes were watching god”

Upcoming groups and classes facilitated by Jen:

Trauma Sensitive Yoga | Thursdays 6:00 – 7:15 PM at Strength in Motion
Click here for more information!

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