Welcome to the
Strength in Motion Community!


Are you searching for a path toward healing and wellness? Understanding where to begin when you or your child are struggling to live to your greatest potential can be an overwhelming task. The simple act of visiting our website is the first step on your journey to discover your best, most authentic self. You are welcome in our community, and we hope you find our website to be a useful resource.  

What We Value


We believe in a mind-body-soul approach towards finding and sustaining balance. At the Strength in Motion Wellness Center, we have gathered a community of expert practitioners and businesses who are here for you. We work collaboratively with our clients to facilitate sustainable positive changes in their lives so that we all can live a life free of barriers and find healing both independently and in community. We have an abundance of wellness practitioners who are here for you. Together, we develop a fusion of holistic approaches alongside traditional ones to meet your individual mental health treatment needs. With us, you will find a safe and familiar place where you and your family can be nurtured, can explore, and can receive services to help you thrive.

What We Do


Leaning on a community in times of trial is fundamental to the process of healing, and no matter where you are in your journey, finding a support system is one of the most important steps many of us can take in the healing process. Are you searching for a place where you belong? You’re invited to join us at one of our upcoming classes.

Family Therapy

Finding harmony in family life can be difficult at times, and attending therapy as a family to strengthen communication skills and shift patterns can be incredibly beneficial. It’s a process that allows family members to explore painful feelings in a safe space, to listen to the experiences of one another with compassion, and to make needed changes so that every family member feels understood.


Working in group therapy, is an important part of our practice at Strength in Motion. Humans are wired to be social beings and participating in groups can provide valuable opportunities to share space with others seeking similar support and resources so we can learn, grow, and thrive together.


Mindfulness helps to train our brains to have a focused awareness of the present moment in a non-judgmental way. At Strength in Motion, we view mindfulness as a core concept behind all that we do and teach. It’s a method that moves us away from a place of reaction without thought and encourages us to be intentional in all that we say and do.


Psychotherapy is most commonly referred to as talking therapy. Together, we will work to become more deeply aware of the root causes of your suffering and practice ways to be honest and present with your experiences in order to move through them.

Couples Therapy

Staying connected and communicating in a healthy way can be challenging for couples in different stages of their relationship for many different reasons. Couples therapy can be a very supportive place for couples to talk about their experiences within their relationship. Working with a couples therapist  will allow you to tease apart what is fueling the challenges in your relationship and help you identify new ways of understanding and caring for one another.  

Therapeutic Movement & Dance

The mind and body are intimately connected. Dance and Movement Therapy is not about "dancing" in the strictest sense, but rather a process of bringing movement into therapeutic work as an alternative to verbal processing. A Dance and Movement Therapist works with clients to explore themes in their lives through movement and attention to bodily sensations.

What We Treat


We specialize in working with clients who struggle with anxiety by supporting them in being free from the fear and limiting thoughts and behaviours. We help people examine the underlying issues which cause it as well. General coping mechanisms are important tools that can be learned in therapy, but to ensure anxiety doesn’t rule our heads and hearts, together we will dig deeper to address the root causes.


We specialize in working with people who would like to change their relationships to alcohol, substances or addictive behaviors that are no longer serving them. We work with people who it's appropriate to do so in an out patient setting, to support them in understanding the root causes of their use and behaviors. We help people in regain control of their lives, meet their personal goals and and achieve the life they want to live. 

Relational Repair and Deepening

We specialize in working with clients who's relationships have hit a rough patch and supporting them in restoring connection and communication. This may be with couples, families, or parent/child pairs. We help people examine the underlying cycles and patterns that feed into the current dynamics. Tools for communication and understanding are key as well as digging into your own unique experiences and how they interweave with others to impact your relationships. 


Depression causes people to experience things like low energy, self-doubt, a loss of interest, poor sleep, and prolonged sadness and can happen to anyone. No matter how low you may feel, the team at Strength in Motion is here to help. Depression can look like differently in different people which means different treatment approaches are necessary. We will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for you as an individual, and work with you to find balance in your life.


All of our therapists are trauma informed and understand the significant impact that past experiences have on our current day lives. We offer a variety of modalities to address trauma so that it no longer serves as a barrier towards a healthy future.